Benefits With Us

We work with you to build your marketing portfolio. This secures that we are all on the same page on what you offer and your pricing. Our design team will work with you to build these if needed: Website, Brochures, Videos and Slide Shows.

We build a custom marketing magazine for you to show all your potential couples.

We only sell what is offered at the price that is set so you never have to worry about false promises.

You pay nothing up front, only after the booking has been made for you.

One on one meetings with your potential clients to give you the time you need to do what you love.

We set an online calendar so you know in real time what your booked dates are. You let us know the volume you can handle and we will not book more than that for you. You can also mark off days that you do not want to be booked.

Joy Of The Network


  • You will join a network of vendors that offer help to your business. If a vendor is booked on a certain day and cannot do the event, we offer your services next. You get benefits like this one from being in our network.
  • We host vendor spotlight nights that showcase your products or services.
  • You will be featured in our online magazine, getting a full two page spread for free.
  • Referrals through the network allowing you to get a larger pool of leads.

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